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One of London’s most exciting new bands ink deal and set debut EP’s release date

Zoax - XIII

Up until about three months ago I had never heard of London quintet Zoax. Nor had that many people, I’d imagine; they have only one recorded song available online, and hell, the band haven’t even been around for twelve months. Yet, this week they’ve announced their signing to Century Media-affiliated Siege Of Amida Records. Quite impressive, non?

The group busted their way into the collective vision of many with their recent supporting slot on The Safety Fire‘s mini UK tour in September. It was only a two band bill, but as the live report I wrote at the time attests, they were extremely impressive. Irish frontman Adam Carroll is a delight to watch, engaging the audience with a variety of faces and banter with a charisma that many metal frontmen lack. The music is a whirlwind of dichotomy, sounding like all the best parts of Glassjaw and Thrice. Everyone in the room was pretty sure they were on to something, so it’s nice to see the young group have some label recognition.

Whilst that one song (“Bitter Angry Fake“, below) is all we have so far, and EP titled XIII has also been slated for a February 17th release, which is fantastic news. Amongst all the Mastodons, Behemoths and Tools with material due next year, this one is anticipated with as much zeal.