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Rémi Gallego previews new glitchy goodness from forthcoming album

The Algorithm 2014

We’d been saying for a while that, although we love The Algorithm and their debut album Polymorphic Code, they needed some new material to a) keep momentum and b) inject some freshness into their live show, which we’ve now seen more times than we care to count.

Then low and behold, last month the official announcement for a new album came: Octopus4.

It was very welcome news. Interestingly, the press release also talked about a collaboration deal with Aussie video game developers Rogue Star Industries and the latter’s forthcoming game Pirates VS Privateers. Remi is writing the soundtrack for the game, which promises to mesh fighting games with shoot-em-ups – a hybrid of Mortal Kombat and Ikaruga - in spaceships. With online multiplayer. Cool, no? There’s a Kickstarter campaign for the game, and pledge rewards include copies of the album and such.

There’s still a few weeks yet before release, but over the weekend The Algorithm saw fit to put up a 4-minute preview of several of the album’s tracks (not even the best bits though, they say) and that takes the form of the below Soundcloud file:

It sounds pretty promising. There’s a lot of the familiar aggressive, stabbing electronic riffs, and of course nods to glitchy video game soundtracks aplenty, but we’ll have to wait for a full track or two before we get a really good idea of how the album will shape up next to its predecessor.

Octopus4 is out 2nd June 2014 through Basick Records. If you’re in Australia, Japan or Russia, you may have the pleasure of being able to see Remi and Mike in all their glory over the next month or so. Check out the dates and who they’ll be with below!

With Twelve Foot Ninja

Apr 19: Rosemount Hotel – Perth, Australia
Apr 20: Players Bar – Mandurah, Australia

With Cyclamen

Apr 25: Shibuya Garrett – Tokyo, Japan
Apr 26: Studio 246 – Kyoto, Japan
Apr 27: Nine Spice – Tokyo, Japan

With After The Burial, Heart Of A Coward

May 5: Zal Ozhidaniya – Saint Petersburg, Russia
May 6: Volta – Moscow, Russia
May 7: Milo – Novgorod, Russia
May 8: 100 Ruchiev – Voronezh, Russia