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New track from underrated prog masters Anubis Gate’s forthcoming record Horizons

I shall open this article with a bold statement: Anubis Gate is the most underrated prog metal band in today’s game. From the masterpiece that was Andromeda Unchained to their recent mammoth self-titled album in 2011, they have consistently put out top quality material with almost no recognition from a wider audience. It is almost heart-breaking, really.

However, I plan on doing my best to change that. On April 15th they will release their newest studio album, titled Horizons. Last year, they released free EP containing one of the songs from the album – “Destined to Remember“, a Pink Floyd cover – as well as a Mr Mister cover. Now, they have made another song available for streaming, via Progtopia’s Podcast.

The new track is called “Never Like This (A Dream)” and, without changing the core Anubis Gate sound, it manages to sound fresh and interesting. Frontman Henrik Fevre, who took over vocal duties in 2011, sounds wonderful, singing the catchy, melodic chorus. The song is headbangable and heavy without being obnoxiously so. It’s moody and atmospheric, almost reminding me of a strange digitalized dream world. The guitar riff is the kind that is so simple that no-one would think of it, which makes it really brilliant, especially in a genre that has a tendency to over-think music quite a bit of the time. In fact, that could describe all of Anubis Gate; a breath of fresh air in a genre that overthinks music far too often.

Skip to 27:35 of the podcast to hear the new song, or listen to the whole thing for more Anubis Gate music, including the Sheep EP, plus an interview with guitarist/keyboardist Kim Oleson.

Horizons will be released on April 15th via Nightmare Records and can be pre-ordered now on Amazon and Nightmare Records’ webstore.

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