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Get your daily dose of br00tz with The Kennedy Veil’s new album, streaming in full!

The Kennedy Veil - Trinity Of Falsehood

Formed in 2009 from a set of experienced death metal musicians, The Kennedy Veil made a good start to their career together with their debut album The Sentence of Their Conqueror, which was released 2011. They’ve been working on the follow-up since 2012, and despite a prolonged search for a new vocalist after Cody Walker (that’s Cody, not Rody) left, the new effort Trinity Of Falsehood is all finished, recorded and…well, ready for release, complete with an album stream, premiered over at

“Punishing” is probably the best word to describe the album. Comparisons have been made between the band and genre stalwarts like Origin and Decapitated, and there’s certainly something to be said for that. From the outset of opener “Ad Noctum” it’s cage-rattling, blast-beating death metal good times.

The band features drummer Gabe Seeber of Decrepit Birth/Alterbeast fame, who said of the new record:

The past two years leading up to this release have been rough, but very beneficial for TKV. From the departure of our previous vocalist to the recording of Trinity Of Falsehood, there was a long period of downtime where we were just seeking the right person to complete the band. We tried out a lot of great vocalists and wound up with the perfect guy to complement our sound and help push us further along the path we’ve only just begun to carve. By the time Taylor joined, the album was already written, minus a handful of lyrics. So we immediately started pushing to finally complete the album and get it recorded and into production. We all feel that Trinity…is a huge step forward from our self-release (The Sentence of Their Conqueror), and a big step in the right direction for where we are taking things in the future. We are still just getting started, and are extremely excited to finally have this album pressed and ready to be heard!”

Trinity Of Falsehood is out today via Unique Leader Records. Grab a copy, if being throttled whilst punching your own face sounds like your kind of thing.

The band are playing their album launch show tonight at On The Y in Sacramento, CA, and then will be heading out with Arkaik and Lord Of War at the end of next month on a mostly west-coast ten-date tour into early March.