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Clearing up any confusion over two bands called Ered Wetherin by streaming music from both!

Ered Wethrin is a black metal group hailing from Salt Lake City, USA. Eren Wethrin is also a one-man black metal project from Sweden.

Wait what?

Two bands with the same name are releasing their debut albums at roughly the same time. And both have new music available for streaming. Bloody hell, this is going to get confusing…

Ered Wethrin

Ered Wethrin (USA)

Ered Wethrin from the USA are signed with Northern Silence Productions, the same record label who brought us Caladan Brood, Gallowbraid (who are both, coincidentally, from the same city as Ered Wethrin) Emyn Muil, Woods of Desolation, Elffor, and Heretoir. Northern Silence has been hitting home run after home run lately, and are certainly becoming one of my favourite record labels.

Ered Wethrin are the newest addition, and will be releasing their debut album Tides of War on February 14th. To the joy of all, however, Invisible Oranges are hosting a full stream of the album a full month before the release.

The album is fantasy themed epic black metal, similar to that of Caladan Brood and Summoning, but with a much different tone. Tides of War feels icier and more wintery than the Tolkien/Malazan worship of its peers.

It is an excellent release, being purposeful and wonderfully atmospheric, with a dash of wistfulness. The track “Into The Stars” is particularly excellent; I absolutely love the beauty of the guitar parts and vocals. The final track, “Requiem for the Fallen,” is majestic, extending to 14 minutes, but leaving you wanting much more.

Ered Wethrin Sweden

Ered Wethrin (Sweden)

Meanwhile, Sweden’s Ered Wethrin is a new side-project from Nachtzeit, who is the man behind the superb ambient black metal project Lustre, only this time he’s going under the name Ithil. That makes sense, given the Tolkien connection of the band name: Ered Wethrin is the name of a mountain range in Beleriand, during the First Age of Middle Earth and “ithil” meaning ‘rising moon’ in Elvish.

Ered Wethrin will release their first album, All Song Ceased, on January 20th. At the moment, only one song is available for streaming.

The song, “Part 1 (The Song of Yavanna)”, is a really nice, relaxed tune. Clocking in at 12 minutes, it is one of those songs that is really nice to just tune out of reality to and let it gently carry your mind down a stream of fantasy and imagination. The keyboards are absolutely gorgeous, and Ithil’s vocals are whispery and windlike, though a bit less so than they are in Lustre.

Lyrically, the song seems to be about Yavanna, who was a Valar living in Valinor and later Aman during the Years of the Lamps. Basically, it is deep Tolkien lore, the likes of which you’d have to read all his works to get a handle on.

Both records are available for pre-order now, at Northern Silence and Big Cartel respectively.

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