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Abysmal Dawn Take Us To A Twisted Dystopian Future

Abysmal Dawn

Abysmal Dawn are an American death metal band that have three albums under their belt. Recently they’ve unveiled a new music video for the song “In Service Of Time“. Surprisingly though, this is actually for a song from their third album, Levelling The Plane Of Existence, which was actually released at the beginning of 2011, some two and a half years ago. Why are we only getting a music video now, especially when there’s no sign of a new album in sight? Well, it’s because the band have been working on this music video for over a year and are incredibly proud of it.

Considering that most other bands in the genre will release music videos set in warehouses showing them play, the dedication that Abysmal Dawn have demonstrated for their craft is immense. Musically I’m sad to say that I find Abysmal Dawn’s music to be rather conventional. By no means weak, the band have crafted a methodical, but incisive sound that they play extremely well, it just doesn’t offer anything that gets me particularly excited about them. However, the video is incredible and definitely one of the stronger efforts I’ve ever witnessed from an extreme metal band.

Set in a dystopian society the band are seen playing amongst a desolate industrial landscape, a proverbial wasteland for the most part. Visually, the band have embraced a lot of the visual cues and iconography of the steampunk genre, whilst also embracing and homaging the work of Fritz Lang, who made the 1927 science fiction expressionist masterpiece Metropolis. Any band that takes influence from such a magnificent work of art is good in my books.

What do you guys think? Was the expended effort and time worth the result? Is it even worth releasing a video to promote an album that is over 2 years old now? Are you a fan of the song? Sound off in the comments!

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