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Alaya finally resurface with a video for new track “Sleep

Alaya 2012

Holy crap, we were wondering where Alaya had got to!

You might have forgotten, but way back at the end of 2012, Basick Records signed the Chicagoan three-piece, and promised us all Thrones. But Thrones never came. We’re still not sure why, but it seems like whatever issues were holding things up have been resolved, as the preview cycle has restarted with the release of a new song and video called “Sleep.” Check it out:

Honestly, I don’t love the video, but there’s a reason for that: much like you, I’m not used to frontmen looking directly at me throughout the entirety of the song, and it’s a little unsettling – especially when Evan Dunn’s voice makes me a little uncomfortable in the trouser department.

The song itself is much less disconcerting, though; good melody, carried over a strong rhythmic double bass pedal drum beat and some obligatory Basick djentiness. The mid-section chorus is really strong too, and it always helps when the vocalist’s pipes are able to sing a veritable flock of assorted small birds from the trees. Or something. Basically he’s a prog-metal Snow White.

Thrones was confirmed today for a March 17th release through Basick Records, so mark your calendars people!

Side note: if you didn’t catch it last year, Evan contributed heavily to our Instrumental Music Week along with Chimp Spanner‘s Paul Ortiz and Basick Records‘ Lisa Coverdale. You can find all that lovely content here.