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East Of The Wall lay down new material in the form of “Arbiters Meet”

East Of The Wall 2013

One of New Jersey’s finest metal exports? Check. A direction generally opposite to west of the ol’ brick barricade? Check. New record on the horizon? Check.

That’s right, bitches; East Of The Wall are peeking their heads over from their side of the fence in anticipation of unleashing their new record Redaction Artifacts at the end of this month, and have unveiled this studio-footage-cum-music-video for the the first new track “Arbiters Meet“:

East Of The Wall have been on a fast upward trajectory in the past few years. 2009 through 2011 saw the three-fer of the East Of The Wall EP, Ressentiment and The Apologist, each of which showed a marked improvement on the last; growing in new directions and adding elements over time. The latter of those three made no apologies (arf) about its bold new direction, and was definitely a standout release that year. The contrast between the bludgeoning intro of opener “Naif” and more acoustically-led tracks like “My Favourite Society Guy” was handled extremely well; with both growls and clean singing sharing centre stage, dirty bass and pitch-perfect drumming, it was certainly one of the most intelligent and composed of 2011.

It’s very pleasing to have the band back, then. Despite losing outstanding bassist Brett Bamberger to Revocation, and then guitarist Kevin Conway, there’s no reason to think we’ll be getting anything less than a stellar new album, as there’s no way the genius of The Apologist was just down to them. The replacements promise to be something special too; Ray Suhy is described as “a jaw-dropping guitar shredder” whilst guitarist/vocalist Greg Kuter “adds the strongest melodic vocal presence the band has yet had”.

It does take some time to ‘get’ new EOTW for me, so I’ll reserve judgement for now, but I’ll definitely be giving the track – which sits fifth in the running order (see below) – a few more spins before the evening is out. Regarding what the tracks will sound like as a whole, the press release says the album “sees the band’s style expanding into a newer archetype, the sound of Redaction Artifacts surging with a more direct and driving core while the mellower and melodious atmospheres of the songwriting sound more vibrant and cohesive than ever.”

East Of The Wall - Redaction Artifacts01. Solving The Correspondence Problem
02. I’m Always Fighting Drago
03. Obfuscator Dye
04. The Fractal Canopy
05. Arbiters Meet
06. Third-Person Camera
07. Excessive Convulsive
08. The Methuselah Tree
09. A Negligible Senescence
10. Redaction Artifacts
11. Noir Filter


Redaction Artifacts is out October 29th through Translation Loss, and you can catch the guys live on the following dates in the corresponding places – all in the American north-east.

10/25/2013 Casa De Swezey – Centereach, NY w/ Old Wounds, Cryptodira
10/26/2013 ABC No Rio (3pm Matinee) – New York, NY w/ So Hideous, Meek Is Murder
10/26/2013 The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ w/ Tidal Arms, Estella
10/27/2013 Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA w/ Air Is Human, Harbor