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Arch Enemy release their third single from War Eternal

Arch Enemy

Long-time favorite band of White Knights and Men’s Rights Activists Arch Enemy, have defecated a new video for a song titled “You Will Know My Name”. The song is taken from their upcoming cure for insomnia “Bore Eternal featuring the reasonably talented marketing ploy Alissa White-Gluz.

Fans have already come out to support the new video saying, “It’s just long enough to rub one out to”—indicating their appreciation of the continued exploitation of women in the heavy metal scene. Comments on the Arch Enemy’s Facebook page are a bit more nuanced, stating “She’s hot and all but don’t really like the vocal style.” Keeping the focus on the music, another man commented “My 4 year-old nephew is looking over my shoulder and saw this and just goes ‘this woman is hot’ and I just…can’t disagree.”

With their 10th album set for release in a matter of weeks, Arch Enemy is turning a corner by focusing on their continued evolution as a group. Since Arch Enemy is more invested in cynical marketing than creating music they care about, their former beautiful but unremarkable vocalist was traded in for a younger beautiful but unremarkable vocalist in order to keep the band relevant. This is, until Alissa White-Gluz is also about to turn 40 and Michael Amott trades her in for a new model.

White-Gluz stated, ““My goal is to keep Arch Enemy alive and thriving! I want to open a whole new chapter for Arch Enemy, powerful and diverse, all the while respecting the legions of fans that love traditional Arch Enemy. Fans can expect loads of pure fucking metal.” The new video “You Will Know My Name” has as much visual and aural diversity as a men’s only Golf Club with just as much contempt for women in its exploitation. Arch Enemy continues to be creatively bereft and devoid of passion metal-by-numbers dreck.

Watch the video below!

War Eternal will be released on June 10th via Century Media Records

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