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Architects begin Lost Forever // Lost Together preview cycle with video for “Naysayer

Architects - Lost Forever, Lost Together

From 2007 to 2010, Architects were my jam. The Brighton metalcore band had released three good – if not great – records, beginning with the promising Nightmares in 2006 (Johnny come lately, I know), 2007′s somewhat rushed but still good Ruin, and what is still considered their opus, 2009′s Hollow Crown.

Since then, I’ll admit I’ve become a bit of a naysayer – apt, as that is the title of their new track!

The albums since have failed to capture my attention, which is my trolley of baggage I suppose, but I’ll always take a look when they release something new (how magnanimous of me), and with last week’s announcement of their sixth album Lost Together // Lost Forever, it seems that it’s time to re-evaluate things.

As if by magic, here’s a conveniently well-timed video for the tune which came out today, which was originally debuted on Radio 1 t’other day, and which looks remarkably like this:

The band have admitted that Lost Together // Lost Forever is a “live” album – with songs written for such a context – which may explain your opinion of it, one way or another. That being said, vocalist Sam Carter said recently it’s the hardest they’ve ever worked on an album, and:

“It’s got a real end-of-the-world sound in places, but I think in an intelligent way; it’s really groovy and bouncy and catchy as well. I’m really excited in a way that I haven’t been since Hollow Crown.”

It does sound like a live track though, in fairness. Architects gigs are always a seething mess of 16-21 year-olds, all backpacks and breakdowns, and whilst that’s not my cup of bother, I can see this going down very well in such a situation.

The video itself is mostly of the performance variety, but I really like the ‘stardusty’ visual effect they’ve got going on. It’s very well produced.

Lost Forever // Lost Together is due out March 11th through Epitaph Records. The band begin the supporting tour just prior to that in Manchester, and are heading out with Stray From The Path and Northlane.across the UK, then over to Europe. Dates on the poster below:

Architects Stray From The Path Northlane tour poster Chris