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Battlecross claim they’re never coming back, but we’re glad they did


Traditionally, thrash metal isn’t one of my preferred subgenres in metal. Personally, my favourite elements of metal tend to lean towards the percussive force behind the band and the vocals leading it. Thrash metal is not exactly a subgenre renowned for its prowess in the vocal department. Thrash instead focuses on blistering and powerful riffing, designed to get those heads banging. You could say then, that thrash lives up to it’s name.

Battlecross are a thrash metal band from Michigan, who proudly refer to themselves as “Blue Collar Thrash Metal”, which is a statement that’s about as American as it gets. So what is blue collar thrash metal? Well, judging from their latest album War Of Will, it’s a punchy, straight forward and heavy iteration of thrash that doesn’t fuck around when it comes to delivering heart racing, pounding metal music. To celebrate their new album the band have released a new music for their song “Never Coming Back” and as every great video should, it perfectly encapsulates their infectious brand of no frills metal.

“Never Coming Back” certainly fits the mandate of “doesn’t fuck around”. It’s a lean song, clocking in at under 2 and a half minutes and the video just showcases the band deftly playing their instruments on a white background. Nothing remotely revolutionary here at all, but it’s a fun distraction and an engaging listen. Plus, thrash metal is all about the guitars anyway, so if you wanted to see the band that you love play their instruments, you’re in for a treat. The thing I like most about this is that it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, it’s short and to the point, avoiding the pitfalls of many thrash bands by not disappearing up their own asses. So unload and have fun with Battlecross!

Note: This would also make a pretty effective advert for shampoo. Seriously, their hair is strangely perfect!

What do you guys think? Do Battlecross appeal to you? Do you like this song? Do you prefer this style of thrash metal? Sound off in the comments!

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