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Belgians Bear get bitter with latest video

Bear - Mantiis screen cap II

There are many known species of bear – you’ll of course know about grizzlies, pandas, koalas, black, polar, teddy, Paddington and Soviet – but one of the most relevant to our interests is the Belgian bear, of which there are currently only four in the world.

Aggressive and cacophonous, Bear are a quartet with whom we’ve become enamoured over the last year or so, ever since catching their Basick Records debut album Noumenon. Each time we’ve seen them there’s been open mouths aplenty too – especially the Black Heart show they played with The Colour Line last year – so it’s always welcome to hear stuff coming out of their camp.

As we approach the anniversary of its release (October 7th), we have an offering of a new video for Noumenon track “Mantiis“, one of the record’s middle tracks. It features a returning, sinister character from their first video for “Rain, but what does she get up to this time? Take a look:

Vocalist Maarten Albrechts said of the video:

“Mantiis is all about major companies and the gruesome way they treat their people. These companies suck their employees dry and throw them away after they become useless. That’s what the female mantis does: attract a male, mates with him and then kills him. The double ‘i’ highlights that greedy behaviour. The entire video is built around the same concept: greed. A beautiful girl attracts a man, takes everything he has, abuses him and leaves him behind feeling empty and alone.”

Mantiis” isn’t a track I’d immediately have picked for a video – it’s not the most memorable of the bunch – but the band clearly feel strongly about the subject matter, so there you go. I do absolutely love Serch Carriere’s drums – the more I hear them the more they get me going. He hits them so hard and so precisely, and it’s hard to believe how tight the whole experience is live, but it is.

Speaking of live, the band have a few European dates coming up, including an appearance at this year’s Euroblast. Full details here.