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Beastwars release visually arresting new music video for “Dune”

BeastWars - Blood Becomes Fire

Earlier this year we already covered the impressive work by Beastwars, a New Zealand based sludge metal act that managed to top the Kiwi charts with their virulent strand of apocalyptic murk. What made this all the more incredible is that the band are still currently unsigned. Their debut Blood Becomes Fire is available via their Bandcamp and is a must listen (and purchase) for all of you.

However, the band have released a new music video to accompany one of the best songs on the album “Dune“. This video is animated in a unique and exceptional style, one that has to be seen to be believed.

Dune” is an animated live action affair, with our main character thrust into a world that’s seemingly from the pages of a comic book. It tells the story of a pilot that is sucked into a vortex and crash lands on a planet, and soon other beasts, dinosaurs and monsters are thrown there too, creating a dangerous and gigantic world that matches their music. Our adventurer needs to retrieve his equipment, which unfortunately finds itself on the back of a mountain size beast. The video is extraordinarily well lit and utilizes a number of impressive techniques.

Beastwars are a monolithic unsigned band, a towering tour-de-force blending killer riffs, gravel crunching vocals, a punishing rhythm section and soaring melodies. On top of that, Beastwars have managed to craft a production style that perfectly complements and augments their music style. These sludge metal mongrels are incredibly scrappy, yet their music is deceptively refined. They’re a nightmarish mix of NeurosisKyuss and the mighty Godflesh, all while still bearing enough of their original stoner/doom roots.

It’s amazing how much a band with relatively no backing have accomplished, considering their independent status, and it just goes to show what bands can achieve nowadays so long as they are savvy with the current state of the industry.

What do you guys think? Do you like Beastwars? Have you checked out Blood Becomes Fire? What do you think of the unique style of Dune? Sound off in the comments!

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