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Bermuda unveil a new slightly NSFW music video


Deathcore is a genre that often polarizes audiences. Many people believe it’s a genre with little in the way of redeeming features, and will likely reject anything that bears that label; whereas others find themselves routinely embracing the simple pleasures often found within.

Bermuda are one of the more interesting deathcore bands that are currently doing the rounds at the moment, as they integrate affecting melodies into their grooves and breakdowns, something that in parts is more akin to the musical sensibilities of a progressive band. Bermuda have just released a new music video for the fan favourite track “Process Of Drowning“.

The video itself is split between well shot footage of the band playing the song in a warehouse, with some slightly NSFW disturbing footage of a man abusing a woman, before finally, snapping and killing her man. This is actually a pretty bssic set-up, but a sexually problematic one. Just last week our sexpert Jane Fraud tackled the subject of pornography and how problematic it can be to healthy gender balanced relationships, something that I think has less of an affect than videos of this ilk.

In short, we shouldn’t be celebrating the fact that the woman is “fighting back” when really she shouldn’t even ben in that situation (she should have left long before the violence escalated to that point). I realize this is only a deathcore music video and we’re not exactly setting out to change the face of the world here, but wouldn’t it be nice if something was actually sex positive for a change instead of “Women, stay with your man until he tries to kill you, in which case, kill his ass! YEAH!”

Besides that, the video is well shot and the song is pretty good; the highlight definitely being the whole melody section and solo. Check it out.

What do you guys think? Is Quigs just nitpicking? What do you think about the gender content of the video? Do you enjoy Bermuda’s music? Do you like this song? Sound off in the comments!

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