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Blockheads distil their grind madness into a palpable new video


It’s actually pretty difficult to make bad grindcore music, but by the same token, it’s also pretty difficult to make great grind, due to the sheer amount of people who are partaking in the genre, combined with the relative ease of making it. Enter stage left French band Blockheads, who have released one of my favourite grind releases of the year in This World Is Dead (check out this post about fellow countrymen Nolentia for other great French grind releases this year).

This World Is Dead is an uncompromising, blistering grind effort that blasts through your speakers with a startling ferocity and efficiency. The crazy Frenchmen are out to perforate your ear drums with their nihilistic and bleak view of the world as we know it. This album is special though because instead of constantly smashing forward the band have a heightened sense of pace and dynamics for the genre. It’s worth mentioning that the performance of drummer Nico, for my money, is one of the best the genre has to offer.

The band have recently released a new music video for the track “Follow The Bombs“, which is one of the groovier tracks on the album (listen to that sexy bass guitar part at the end and try not to lick your lips or grind your hips), that will have you nodding and gyrating with approval. Or punching people in the face if you want to pretend to be more masculine. You have that privilege.

The video consists of footage of the band playing the song in question whilst also being spliced with various political and iconographical imagery usually associated with corruption and the various conspiracy theories that exist out there. Even though the majority of this imagery is recycled across numerous videos of this ilk, they’re all put together in an arresting way by art director Jean-Michel Crapanzano, which prevents this video from becoming stale or tiresome. The footage of the band is surprisingly well lit and evokes a strong mood and atmosphere. Check it out below.

I must take this opportunity to admit that I actually derive great entertainment in this album because I think the vocalist (another particularly strong performance for this genre), sound like they’re being produced by Goldar, the infamous villain from the first few seasons of Power Rangers. I grew up watching that show, so I take great solace in knowing the gold armour plated blue baboon didn’t die in a back alley somewhere when the show ended for him, and instead started a political grind band. Good for you Goldar!

The World Is Dead is out now via Relapse Records

What do you guys think? Do you dig Blockheads music? Are you glad to see Goldar out of the gutter? Are you glad to see footage from your childhood? Do you like the video? Sound off in the comments!

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