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Blood Ceremony release new music video to promote The Eldritch Dark

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Blood Ceremony are a proggressive/folk/occult rock band hailing from Toronto, Canada. After spending two albums carefully honing their sound, they have just released their third album, titled The Eldritch Dark, and it is a wonderful piece of retro, occult rock, but with the added gusto brought by the inclusion of a flute into proceedings. I have seen them live and I own the album, so I can indeed confirm how awesome they are, especially with their new effort. My initial impression of the album was that “Goodbye Gemini” was the standout track from the record; and lo and behold, that song has now been given a music video.

The song itself is like a fusion of Pagan Altar and Jethro Tull, which can only be a good thing. Every instrument is competently played and mixed with in an extremely balanced manner. Alia’s vocals are elevated beyond the usual humdrum of many female singers due to her uncanny ability to instil her voice with a sense of menace that creeps under the skin. Combine that with her excellent flute playing skills and it becomes clear that Blood Ceremony have a truly unique and special frontwoman.

The video alternates between performance footage of the band, and psychedelic, trippy visuals laid over peculiar looking cloaked figures. While it isn’t revolutionary by any means it really captures the mood that the band evoke with their music and thusly is very worth watching. The footage  is created in a way that makes it look like it wouldn’t be amiss in an old occult film from the 60′s or 70′s which really aids in augmenting the authenticity of the band and their art. While it may be a little rough around the edges, it’s the perfect accompaniment to “Goodbye Gemini“.

If you’re a fan of this song be sure to catch them live, as this band’s stage presence is something to behold.

The Eldritch Dark is out now via Metal Blade Records.

What do you guys think? Do you like the song? Have you been lucky enough to see Blood Ceremony live? What do you think of the growing resurgence of occult rock? Sound off in the comments!

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