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Dual female-fronted band Butcher Babies take a walk down a flowery road

Butchers Babies

A little while ago, Simon reviewed Starbound Beast, the new album from female fronted metal band Huntress, and during that time he criticised bands that sell themselves more on the sex appeal of the women in the band than on the actual music itself. Huntress are of course, nowhere near the only band that do this, and quite often it can look sad and pathetic to those that are more attuned to the techniques of audience manipulation, but there’s a reason that they exist – they’re quite often extremely successful. Butcher Babies are another band that seem overly preoccupied on this phenomenom, and don’t really go to much effort to hide it. Yes folks, women can be in metal bands too!

Where Butcher Babies hope to stand out from the crowd is that there are TWO big reasons (or is that four? guffaw) why you should pay attention to the band and that comes in the form of having dual frontwomen. Essentially, they’re both attractive and wear tight clothing, and sound remarkably similar. Carla (the blonde) handles the clean vocals well enough, and her shrill uncleans grow on you. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Heidi, whose harsh vocals sound like a really bad attempt at being tough. Musically the band are about as derivative as they come and play a malaise of whatever is generic and happening in metal at the moment. That’s fine, and to be honest the whole thing is rather inoffensive. It’s catchy and entertaining enough for people who aren’t familiar with what is happening in metal, but it’s just a shame that they have to rely so hard on the “women in music” trope.

The music – which is the second track from the album, and is called “Magnolia Blvd” – video flips between shots of how hot the vocalists are and how badass they look standing in front of a metal band, to a story involving a drug taking party kid being chased by his demons, who conveniently are wearing a hoodies to look extra spooky. You know your life needs re-evaluating when you’re willing to snort cocaine while your mum’s on the phone. Seriously dude; not cool.

I wonder what it feels like for the other guys in the band when they realise that what they’re actually doing doesn’t mattter and it’s just a payday? Well, I suppose if the money’s good enough, they’re not likely to care, that’s what we all do in our day to day jobs right?

If you like the band because you think the girls are hot, be sure to check them out live as they take many a cue from their shock rock forefathers and pride themselves on their incredibly erotic live shows. Make of that what you will.

What do you guys think? Does this band have any merits beyond the attractiveness of their female frontwomen? Have you seen these guys live? Did you like their album? Sound off in the comments!

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