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Cancer Bats begin road to new album

Cancer Bats Satellite video

I am so behind sometimes it hurts. In fairness, no-one’s really heard from Cancer Bats (over here at least) since they played six shows in one day across London in the shape of a pentagram – but it seems they have been busy busy busy, as their fifth full length Searching For Zero has been announced (when? I don’t even know):

“For those of you who didn’t know, the reason we’ve been gone for so long was to craft our 5th full length! We worked our asses off making a serious banger that we could all party the fuck out of! We even went down to Venice Beach to record with Ross Robinson so it would sound extra dope…..which it does!”

…and more pertinently, we have some new music! Over the weekend, a new video dropped for the track “Satellites“:

Fun with fireworks it seems, which is apt, considering we’ve just had Guy Fawkes Night in the UK. They also put out “Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake” a few weeks back, so let’s watch that before we talk about them, shall we?

I’ve never been rabidly into Cancer Bats, but always appreciated them. I wasn’t appreciating “Satellites” *so* much at first, but the band are very high-octane, energetic and not really autumnal/winter fare. You get sweaty to Cancer Bats. There are some touches of countrymen KEN mode here though, which I am digging – I just feel it’s a bit simplistic and bass-heavy. Maybe it’s just the YouTube mix?

Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake” is much more like it though. Beardy riff-monster Scott Middleton’s guitars shine through, and the whole affair sounds a hell of a lot punchier.

Prepare to get your mid-tempo mosh on come the spring: Searching For Zero launches March 9th/10th 2015 through Distort Entertainment.