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No Consequence have a new video for “Enemy Of Logic” from last year’s album IO

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Before we talk about the video – is anyone else seeing Game Of Thrones’ Bran Stark here?! Shit’s uncanny.

I didn’t pay a massive amount of attention when No Consequence‘s IO came out (although Simon did review it here). It’s a solid, if unremarkable record for the most part; it does exactly what you would want from a technically-influenced djent band, and does it very well, and while it has some great ideas, it didn’t quite push them far enough for me.

That being said, this all changes dramatically when you see the band live. The band have refined themselves remarkably since 2009′s In The Shadow Of Gods and are a real force on the stage. I’ve seen them twice in the past year or so, and was thoroughly impressed each time; the musicianship is tight, and frontman Kaan Tasan is an awesome physical presence.

The album is almost year old at this point, but it never hurts to give your product a promotional push when the festival circuit is brimming on the horizon like a pungent fart, and so with that (presumably) the No Consequence boys have put out a new video for the track “Enemy Of Logic.” Check it out:

Despite what I just said, “Enemy Of Logic” is one of the tracks from IO that stands out. The riffs are angular and Kaan’s bellows are full-throated and gnarly, but there’s some really nice melody going on too. Some of the more technical moments are pretty rewarding too, and the song’s anti-religious message, whilst not entirely original, is delivered with some poetry to it.

Show-wise, the band have a few bits and bobs coming up in the UK and Europe in April. Various sources are citing a show in Croydon on April 5th, Paris on April 6th, Cologne on April 9th with Uneven Structure and Hacride, and Praha on April 10th, so if you can get down to any of those, do so with all due haste.