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First cut from Conan’s new album Blood Eagle, out next month

Conan Foehammer Blood Eagle Napalm Records

The power of the riff compels thee, and shakes your soul to its very core. The mighty stoner doom metal trio Conan, who hail from the ancient land of Britain, made their earth-shaking full length debut in 2012 with the unreasonably heavy Monnos, and were also chosen to play Roadburn Festival that year. This year, these mighty purveyors of “caveman battle doom” are ready to release their second full length album, to be titled Blood Eagle; their first on Napalm Records.

The band has chosen to release one song from the upcoming album ahead of time, which is quite kind of them. On Friday, Conan unleashed the song “Foehammer”, a five minute long fuzz-tastic trudge among rocky crags and mire-filled valleys.

It begins at a quicker pace, absolutely oozing fuzz. The vocals are shouted from a distance, and fit the song quite well. At about the 3 minute mark, the song starts to slow down. And then it slows down more, and then more until it becomes a crushing, lumbering beast of a song, bathed in the blood of all foes. It is droning and heavy beyond all rationality.

The music video that accompanies the song isn’t particularly fascinating, but is kind of cool to watch once or twice. Some sort of creature attacks some sort of city, etc.

The album name, incidentally, comes from a brutal form of execution known as the blood eagle, which involves cutting the ribs of the victim along the spine, breaking the ribs so that they looked like blood-stained wings, and then cutting their backs open and pulling the lungs out those wounds. Then, salt would be rubbed into the wounds. You might recall the phrase from an Anaal Nathrakh song, Historically, there are no records of this method actually being used, but it does appear in a few Nordic sagas.

Blood Eagle is out March 3rd in Europe, and March 11th in North America. It can be pre-ordered now from here.

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