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Dead Letter Circus take us on a journey of imagination and struggle with their new song and video

Dead Letter Circus

This is going to sound a little odd, but until I watched this video, I didn’t realize that Dead Letter Circus were a “real” band. Let me explain: I knew they were a band; I’ve loved their music for a while now and their 2010 debut This Is The Warning has been on regular rotation since I discovered it. They’re a fantastic alternative rock group, hailing from Brisbane, Australia, but until watching this video, I’d never seen what they looked like. I hadn’t looked at pictures, I’d never seen them live, or anything. In fact, my entire perception of the band was shaped by the dreamlike album cover and the incredible animated music video for the song “Big“. That video shaped and went on to signify the relationship that I have with the band: ethereal, deep and emotional. I’d completely forgotten that they were actual human beings.

So, much to my surprise we’re met with a more conventional music video for their new song “Lodestar” from their forthcoming sophomore effort entitled The Catalyst Fire. “Lodestar” is a video that is comprised of footage of a young, gloomy looking boy who teleports into a violent underground fight club and watches silently, interspersed with cuts of the band passionately playing their music. It’s an odd mix as the actual violence depicted is starkly brutal when compared to the effervescent qualities of the music. Musically “Lodestar” bears all the hallmarks that make Dead Letter Circus such a unique and interesting band; namely the breathy guitars, the savage pounding of the drums and the heavenly voice of vocalist Kim Benzie.

Benzie’s voice is mindblowing, especially now that I’ve discovered that A. his name is Kim; and B. he’s not an androgynous CGI being and an actual human man that is genuinely singing like that. It’s also somewhat disturbing to me that he looks like T-Bag from Prison Break.

In all seriousness though, I’ve always found it quite startling how Dead Letter Circus manage to create such a heavy drum sound and make it work so well with such, for lack of a better word, “floaty” music. Ironically the drums used are much heavier than some death metal bands, especially when you compare to the dull wood block sound I picked up on in Exhumed‘s latest video.

If you like Dead Letter Circus then you’ll be in for a treat because “Lodestar” works well within the parameters the band set on The Catalyst Fire. It remains to be seen whether the rest of the album will explore new territory or if the band are just focused on expanding their already impressive repertoire within the sound that they have created for themselves. Time will tell.

The Catalyst Fire will be released in August via UNFD.

What do you guys think? Are you happy with the new song? Do you share my feelings about Dead Letter Circus? Are you excited for the new album? Sound off in the comments!

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