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Watch Destrage’s new video for new track “Purania” from their forthcoming Metal Blade album Are You Kidding Me? No.

Destrage Purania Are You Kidding Me No Metal Blade

I’ve been trying to figure out why Italian band Destrage named one of the songs from their forthcoming album Are You Kidding Me? No after a brand of German bottled water. I’m still yet to figure it out, but with today’s release of a video for the track, I thought perhaps I might get some answers.

Well, yes actually!

The screencap above shows the defaced motto of a totalitarian regime – “purity saves, select and defend” – and who throughout the video oppress and imprison a political rising. It’s mostly animated, but with performance sections filmed. The video was directed by guitarist/songwriter Matteo Di Gioia.

Purania” is the second track from the album, and sits between groovy opener “Destroy Create Transform Sublimate” and previously debuted trackMy Green Neighbour” (the best song you’re going to hear about zombies all year). It’s not my favourite, but I can see why it’s been chosen, because it displays a lot of what the band can do – moving through styles with the fluidity of a Russian luge athlete.

It starts off with a massive chuggy riff, but don’t let that put you off; the time signatures soon switch up, showing off some guitar great songwriting nous and more than a bit virtuosity, and even a Between The Buried And Me-style bluegrass interlude. There’s a lot to keep up with, but boy is it worth it, Check it out:

I’ve been spinning the album A LOT for the past couple of weeks, and it’s the real deal. It pays homage to a lot of groups, but always retains its own identity. It’s chock full of energy from start to finish, and mixes technicality with melody, great vocals with sick guitar work, and is one of those ones you hit ‘play’ on as soon as you’ve finished. The themes also touch on this social upheaval aspect quite a lot, but from an Italian slant.

Are You Kidding Me? No is out in a couple of weeks on March 4th through Metal Blade.