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BREAKING NEWS: Device frontman David Draiman has had over 100 relationships is stupid

Device David Draiman

Oh, David Draiman. The notorious frontman of Disturbed has offered a lot of entertainment for all of his metalheads over the years, and it’s not just because of his music. The outspoken and rash singer is often seen typing in all caps and getting involved in all manner of discussions and rants about topical issues in the metal scene. On the one hand, we should respect his bravery for being so involved – when you compare his input into public discussion to other famous singers, you could argue that he certainly tries hardest (but then is that just a desperate grasp for relevance?), and bless him he really does try, despite demonstrating that he has a tenuous at best understanding of how a keyboard actually works. It is for this that we should commend the man, even if by now he has gotten to a point where he has become a parody of himself.

Not too long ago Disturbed went on an indefinite hiatus, which caused the members to part ways. The drummer and guitarist from Disturbed when on to form Fight Or Flight, which are as poisonous to intelligence as they are bad for music; and Draiman went on to form Device – an utterly uninspiring clone of Disturbed that has a bunch of impressive sounding people guesting on it including Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), and M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) to name a few. Well, at least Device isn’t as offensive as Fight Or Flight’s conspiracy theory drivel.

Device have released a new music video for the lead single “You Think You Know“, and it’s basically a Disturbed B-side without any memorable riffing or monkey yowling. The video is a simple performance footage piece that includes a dizzying array of blinding, psychedelic lights that seem to exist to make the song seem more interesting – and to freak the fuck out of stoners. Check it out below.

Probably the funniest part about this whole situation is just how smart Draiman thinks he is, versus how smart he actually is. In this video where he talks about the meaning behind the song he reveals a number of funny tidbits:

1. David Draiman is disillusioned into thinking Device isn’t like Disturbed.

2. David Draiman has been in at least 100 relationships (nice one bro!).

3. David Draiman is secretly sexist.

The winning trifecta! No wonder he looks so smug! Also, do you notice how the other band members just sit their uncomfortably like he’s that awkward uncle at a party that doesn’t know when to shut his mouth? Yeah, that’s the expression they’re wearing on their faces right now. Maybe it’s Draiman and not the women he’s failed to make happy (seriously, 100 relationships isn’t a good thing) that have an altered perception of reality?

What do you guys think? Is Draiman struggling for relevance? Will he ever make good music again? Did he ever make good music? Is he secretly sexist? Sound off in the comments!

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