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Devildriver release patronizing new music video for “The Appetite”

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When one of my writers alerted me to the new Devildriver music video that had been released, it came with the warning “I could write about it, but I like Devildriver about as much as being punched in the dick, so I may not be the best candidate”. I felt that was a ringing endorsement if I’ve ever heard one, so why wouldn’t I give it a shot?

Devildriver are the (now) mainstream metal band started by Dez Fafara of Coal Chamber fame; once that band had failed. Devildriver actually started out with a fair amount of potential, their first two albums were particularly thrashy and quite heavy, but now they’re a pretty tame band. Their new music video is for a song called “The Appetite“, which is from their new album Winter Kills, which is out now. This is actually one of the first tracks I’ve heard from the album, and it’s rather disappointing and bland.

The video for “The Appetite” seems to showcase a band that has given up with trying to appeal to anything more than the common denominator metalhead; for one, they didn’t even show up for their own music video, and two – is this not one of the more patronizing videos you’ve ever seen?

It’s a rare occurrence when we find ourselves wishing the band would just play their instruments and be in their own video, but I suppose we just take it for granted, and don’t realize what we’re missing until someone takes it away from us.

Rather than the video featuring the band, Devildriver decided instead that it would be better to focus on “metal culture”, by creating a sort of “day in the life of” your average metalhead as he goes about his business. Except, it portrays that metalhead as a belligerent lout with no sort of job prospects, and an inability to deal with real life (and the responsibilities inherently associated with it) – choosing to spend his day with a few other similarly social outcasts eating barbecue food and drinking beer in the sun, while of course, listening to metal (or in this case, Devildriver). Oh, and they’re all wearing their denim vests and leather uniforms, can’t forget that one can we? The best part comes when they’ve finished drinking all day, the only natural conclusion is to go to a bar in the evening (and drink some MORE) and get laid by a hot chick (in a sticker covered, but remarkably clean toilet), before staggering home and collapsing in bed. Really guys?

Does anyone else find it weird how unsettlingly clean that toilet is? Like everything about this song and video, it’s just squeaky clean, designed by committee (GRAFFITI! That’s what you kids are putting in bathrooms right!?), and decidedly safe. I don’t know about you guys, but when I bang chicks openly in bathrooms, I like there to be at LEAST a risk factor of catching one or two STD’s. At least they got the “all sex between metalheads is violent” thing right. Or…is that just me? Boy, this is awkward.

Thank you Devildriver for your profound insight into what makes the metal community tick. Your diligence at tackling this issue certainly extended beyond merely approving random video footage you half watched while doing something else, and your dedication to this subject truly shows. Now, I would keep writing, but apparently I have a full day of boozing-until-I-pass-out to catch up on. Thanks for the reminder guys!

Winter Kills is out now via Napalm Records. Feel free to contribute to one of the most consistently mediocre bands in metal.

What do you guys think? Are we being too harsh? Is this video patronizing? Is it preferable to another warehouse shoot with band footage? Do you like Winter Kills? Sound off in the comments!

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