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Self-titled Dream Theater record lets forth a new video

Dream Theater The Ememy Inside screen cap

I’ve never paid much mind to prog legends Dream Theater myself, but Kevin has been keeping us all appraised of the latest developments, so you should be well aware that the band have been building up to the release of a new album of late, and even have an idea of what it will sound like, thanks to the track previews.

One of those previews was for the track “The Enemy Inside“, a fairly heavy track by prog standards, and they’ve now released this brand new video for it, available over at

To be honest…I’m not the biggest fan, but there may be a reason for that, coinciding with my lack of gusto to check the band out with any urgency. The song is fine, but not my thing, so tell me how wrong I am.

The video is a little heavy-handed too. It clearly revolves around an ex-soldier in a civilian environment, and he’s clearly not happy about something, be it what he did on tour or what have you, and whilst it’s not something I can relate to anyway, it’s a bit po-faced for a music video – but opinions, you know?

There is a full stream of the album out there too, should you wish to hear it (which you should probably give a go; I still will, despite my reservations). Check that out here.

If you like what you hear and want to get your hands on the whole record, you’re in luck as Dream Theater came out today via Roadrunner Records. Rejoice!