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No hiding for East Of The Wall in brand new music video

East Of The Wall Obfuscator Dye screenshot

We last mentioned New Jerseyians East Of The Wall a few weeks ago when they released new song “Arbiters Meet; a lick from their new record Redaction Artifacts. The release for that has come and gone – it was out October 29th to be exact – but for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet (I forgot, shoot me), you’ve got another free piece of the puzzle with “Obfuscator Dye“, and a shiny performance video to accompany it.

It’s actually the third song out there (we missed out on “The Fractal Canopy“, which you can stream over here), but where ”The Fractal Canopy” reintroduced the band’s cleaner side, explored with some merit on masterpiece The Apologist, “Obfuscator Dye” heads back into the broodier, heavier territory where the band made their first mark.

The more I hear from this album, the more I like it. East Of The Wall certainly aren’t afraid to build their songs, letting them breathe, but managing to include enough interesting elements. This track in particular retains a large amount of what I adored about The Apologist, which perhaps wasn’t as present in “Arbiters Meet”; the drumming switching things up at the drop of a (hi-)hat and driving the tone and pace of the songs.

The clean/harsh vocal styles remain, with bassist Chris Alfano making good one his earlier sung work, and Matt Lupo and Greg Kuter yelling out with eye-popping aggression to switch things up.

It’s perhaps this dynamic dichotomy that I love most about this band’s current music, and why I’ll be rectifying my earlier mistake and picking up Redaction Artifacts – which is out now, as mentioned, through Translation Loss.

The band have a couple of NJ dates towards the end of this week, but will then be taking their touring schedules across America and Europe sometime in the new year, so keep an eye out for them won’t ya?