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The Pursuit kicks off with Echoes’ new video for “Honour Lost

Echoes Honour Lost video screen cap

With the void left by the break-up of The Elijah last year, there has been a gap to fill in challenging ambient post-hardcore stalwarts Devil Sold His Soul for their genre crown. Perhaps unsiged Winchester quintet Echoes are going to be the ones to step up?

The band were formed in 2010, but they’ve taken their time over crafting their sound, both live and in the studio, and are only now about to release their debut album The Pursuit. It seems to have paid off, as the first single/video “Honour Lost” shows. It’s dark, heavy and carries no small amount of intensity. Check it out:

The band’s message, whilst intense, is one meant to uplift. Drummer Todd Oliver explains:

“We are positive people, and we want the record to be a reflection of that. The songs may sound negative and emotional, but the message always has a flip-side, and we think you can tell that from the lyrics. Collectively, ‘The Pursuit’ is about being the best you can be, no matter what life throws at you. It is a journey of personal development and how we grow as people for the better”

The band do actually cite Devil Sold His Soul as an influence, along with the likes of German master composer Hans Zimmer (Crimson Tide, Man Of Steel), and you can certainly hear that in the dense atmospherics and guitar-driven wall of sound.

Echoes - The Pursuit

The Pursuit will be released independently on March 24th. You can get a free download of “Honour Losthere, and pre-order your copy here!