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Blackburn hardcore band Egos At The Door reveal a chillingly good double-part song called “Polar Pespectives”

Egos At The Door 2014

This little gem dropped into our inbox yesterday, as they sometimes do, and it was the tagline of “for fans of The Fall of Troy, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, Converge” that really sold the first listen, because all those are fucking sick.

Blackburn-based quartet Egos At The Door come across as just that – egoless. Hailing from the cold north-east, their own brand of dichotomous light/dark hardcore is really tight and very well composed. I’d actually perhaps point more to bands like Orchid, AmpereCity Of Caterpillar and Maths as close comparisons, with furious sections of blistering aggression contrasted by more delicate posty moments. It’s ‘ookin good mate. The general ethic of that type of band is carried too:

“We tour, play, record and write as often as humanly possible. We are a part of a music scene that relies on each and every participant more than any other scene. This is how we like it and we are grateful for every small bit of help we get. Come to shows, say hi, drink with us and hopefully enjoy some of our music.”

The main news was that they’ve released a couple of live studio session-type videos lately for a two-part song called “Polar Perspectives

The tracks are to be featured on their forthcoming self-titled EP, which will be out on Lockjaw Records in the UK and Souljolt Records in the US fairly soon. Here’s what it will look like:

Egos At The Door - Egos At The Door[10th March 2014]
[Lockjaw Records/Souljolt Records]

01. For Lack of Better Words
02. Salad
03. (Interlude) I
04. I need an excuse to think
05. (Interlude) II
06. With my tiny. Tiny mind.
07. Polar Perspectives I
08. Polar Perspectives II


Egos At The Door will be released March 10th. We’ve gone from 0 to excited pretty quickly, and hopefully you agree.

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