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Second new track from core veterans Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die Decain With The Boys

I think it’s safe to say that Every Time I Die are ‘veterans’ now, right? Veterans of what exactly is up to where you’re standing, but they’ve been around the circuit enough times, and released enough stellar albums, to be considered worthy of “at least a look” – and that’s just you filthy casuals.

For avid fans of the band (*raises hand*) last months’ announcement of From Parts Unknown came as very welcome news, as did short-but-sweet opening salvo “Thirst.”

FPU will be the Buffalo natives’ seventh full-length since their debut, 2001′s Last Night In Town, which is no mean feat. They’ve generally come around every other year like clockwork (barring the extra few months before Ex Lives) so it’s no surprise we’re getting one this summer, but it’s welcome nonetheless.

Of course, the hype machine rumbles on, and so we’ve now got a second new song from the records, called “Decayin’ With The Boys“, along with an accompanying video. There was a call for extras a little while back, which Quigs could have been a part of if he cared about the band at all, so consider me both jealous and enraged.

It continues the ‘story’ of “Thirst”‘s video, in which two beatnicks found out about an ETID house party in Buffalo. By the time they make it there, it’s in full swing, and is suitably NSFW for any younger viewers out there; indeed, or those with an aversion to genitalia, fighting and equal-opportunities make-outs.

If not, here it is in all its sausage-flicking glory:

Continuing the theme of “Thirst“, it pays homage to past ETID work, with the party-metal ethos and all-out big riffery of The Big Dirty, the edge of Hot Damn!, and Andy Williams being a beefcake (see: all ETID ever).

From Parts Unknown is out July 1st via Epitaph Records, and can be pre-ordered from this location here. As is customary, ETID will be hitting the road on this summer’s Warped Tour across North America, and we’re sure that’s just the start of things for this album cycle.