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Eyes Set To Kill create music video for infectious new single

Eyes Set To Kill

One of the great things about metal, is that the genre itself has become so vast and full of influence from just about everything imaginable that there will always be something for everyone. Eyes Set To Kill are a band that make no efforts to win awards for originality, but they play a satisfying blend of easily digestible pop infused metalcore.

They weren’t always like that though. Originally, Eyes Set To Kill began as a three piece all female post hardcore act, though that changed after their original vocalist left in 2007 to form her own project. The band’s primary focus are Alexia and Anissa, the Rodriguez sisters who play the roles of lead vocalist/guitarist, and bassist respectively. Currently, they’re preparing to release their fifth album, Masks, which also marks their debut with major record label Century Media Records.

Recently they debuted a new music video for the track “Infected“, which is the lead single from Masks. The song itself is a surprisingly infectious and fun slab of metalcore that does nothing remotely original, and yet improves on repeated listens. Alexia’s voice has a slight “edge” to it that makes it a little more compelling than the average squeaky clean female singers in these type of collectives. The band manage to bring a decent amount of groove, and an extremely catchy chorus that lays a seductive earworm in your brain. All in all, not bad at all.

The video is quite well made, although there are some startlingly outdated concepts in it. The idea of a band member in an asylum watching her band play the song on a small tv is something ripped straight from the nineties, back when people still watched music videos on MTV. The make-up of the creepy nurses and jerky stopcut movements remind me of a Dir En Grey video, which frankly would probably be a more entertaining watch. At least the concept allows for some shots of Alexia in a straitjacket seemingly struggling with the sheer emotion of the song as she shouts at the camera. That’s the indicator that she means business kids.

Masks will be released on September 17th via Century Media

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Eyes Set To Kill? Do you think they used to be better? Is this generic style of music never going to appeal to you, regardless of how catchy it may be? Sound off in the comments!

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