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Watsky and friends open new album cycle with fiery video

George Watsky - Whoa Whoa Whoa screen cap

Although we mostly talk about heavy music – metal, hardcore and the like – we actually style ourselves as an ‘alternative culture’ website. It was something we were keen on from the very start, because whilst those are our bread and butter fare, we’re interested in much more than that.

One ‘extracurricular’ genre we have a particular affinity for is rap. “Really?” we hear you ask? Well, yeah. Whilst a lot of popular rap is less than clever, there is so much stuff out there that is just as clever as we like to think metal can be; is equally aggressive an cathartic; and often has better, or at least less cheesy lyrics. From Death Grips to Tech N9ne, there’s a lot of quality out there that we probably don’t cover enough.

One of these breaks from rank came six months ago when I professed my love for Californian YouTube star George Watsky‘s Cardboard Castles in my year-end best-of list for 2013. George’s style is unique to my ears – funny yet poignant at times, and full of bravado yet self-effacing at others – and ever since I first saw his “Pale Kid Raps Fast” I’ve been a big fan. He performs spoken word, he creates music, and has a swathe of great videos online, which brings me to the pertinent point: his brand new song and video, called “Whoa Whoa Whoa“:

This song marks the beginning of a new album cycle, a little over a year and change since Cardboard Castles was released. The new one’s to be called All You Can Do, and I’m a little pee-my-pants excited about it.

It’s a funny one though. “Whoa Whoa Whoa” has a great beat but Watsky hasn’t done anything this wordy in a while, and you can forget how quickly he can spit out his lyrics (which are thankfully all typed out in the video description on YouTube).

The video is quite impressive from a visual standpoint, and continues George’s long-standing relationship with Steel Wool Media, who have produced most of his so far. The editing is great – the frames jar back and forth as some sections skip like an old record, yet George’s mouth still moves.

You might also spot a few familiar faces in there. Jim Belushi at the beginning should need no introduction, but Watsky’s partners in crime also include Chinaka Hodge, who provided guest vocals on “Kill A Hipster” from Cardboard Castles, as well as comedian Bo Burnham. And if all that fails to impress you, there’s Julia Misaki in her underwear, so there really is something for everybody.

Bit of a wait on this one unfortunately – the album’s out on August 12th. You can pre-order from his website here, from iTunes here, or Google Play here.