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Haken release bright and beautiful new music video

Haken Video

Once again it is time for a new song from the mighty progressive rock/metal five piece from England known as Haken. We told you about “Atlas Stone their first song that was released from their upcoming third full length album The Mountain. It was an excellent outing for the band, showcasing creative flair, a unique sound, and displaying their maturation as song-writers. It is with great anticipation then, that I can now tell you about the second song to be premiered from the new album, this time in the form of a music video.

The song is titled “Pareidolia” and where “Atlas Stone” was a brighter number, this one is heavier and darker. It also seems to present the biggest change-up from their core sound, using a very middle Eastern sound in some parts, and even featuring an absolutely mind blowing mandolin/guitar unison line, that actually sounds quite Dream Theater-esque. Like the previous song, and in keeping with Haken’s style in general, “Pareidolia” has an ebb and flow style, with intensity being followed by a mellower passage. This time there is a more oppressive atmosphere as the intensity ramps up to severe levels.

I must say I like this better of the two, as it seems a bit more focused and I enjoy the moods and composition better (that mandolin part seals it). The video part of it is pretty cool. Colourful visuals, lights, the band performing, and shadows are the motifs. It is clearly meant to reflect the overall tone of the song rather than convey anything related to the lyrical message, and it does that job quite well.

I will reiterate what I said in the post about “Atlas Stone” that this album is going to be another excellent entry in a fantastic year for prog rock and metal.

The Mountain comes out on September 2nd via Inside Out Music.

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