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Iwrestledabearonce release a ridiculous new music video for “Boat Paddle”

Iwrestledabearonce - Late For Nothing

I’ve written more than once about the charismatic bunch of young weirdos that Iwrestledabearonce are comprised of. These youthful mavericks have made their reputation by creating chaotic, and insane music that blends together influences from a myriad of places. Well, now they’ve finally released their first music video for their new album, Late For Nothing, and in true IWABO fashion it’s absolutely bonkers.

The video is for a song called “Boat Paddle“, which is a great example of IWABO’s growth from talented spastics with no real direction, to a varied band that actually writes songs. The video centres around the band hanging out in their illustrious mansion when they get a call from the President asking them to take out an evil super villain who’s preparing a death ray on the planet Pancake. The whole thing is as absurd and cheesy as it sounds, but be warned, the intro to the video is some 2 minutes long, before the music even begins, which will test the patience of most people. That being said, longtime fans will enjoy the various references to all of their previous videos.

Of course, when the song kicks in,the only option is to dress each band member in colour coded skin tight outfits. Oh, and did I mention that the villain has an ass for a face? There’s an impressive amount of special effects used in the video, that all look pretty good and it certainly fits their motif and style of being erratic and bizarre, (that have become more famous, thusly bigger budget for music videos) but it’s probably not a video you’ll want to watch too many times.

Boat Paddle” however, is a good song, if one of the tamer, more pop orientated songs from Late For Nothing. The rest of the album has some truly blistering tracks that are worth your attention too.

Late For Nothing is out now via Century Media Records

What do you guys think? Does this appeal to your sense of humour? Is it too silly? Do you still hate their music? Sound off in the comments!

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