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Newcomers Jagwar release brand new video

Jagwar 2014

Jagwar are super brand new, and with such bands it’s always exciting to get in on the ground level, as it were. Even better when there’s undoubtedly some potential, as there is with this north-western quintet.

If you’re thinking a couple of the faces might be familiar, guitarists Joshua Cullen and Jack Ormond-Prout used to be in a band called Raven Face with No Sin Evades His Gaze‘s James Denton, but even if not, it’s clear they’re no slouches. They’ve a new song to get the buzz going for their forthcoming EP Palmless: it’s called “Like The Leaves”, and it even has one of them swanky video thingies to go with it:

Theirs is an interesting mix of styles. The guitars are at times stabbing and angular, but play very much with rhythms rather than pacey riffs; the drums cement this with a slower tempo than some of the hardcore stylings might suggest.

It’s Perry Pearman’s vocals that take things to another level entirely; they’re fairly distinct, soaring away over fretboard histrionics, and recall a bit of The Mars Volta‘s Cedric Bixler-Zavala in their timbre and crooning inflection. There are times he drops into throaty roars too, and during these sections the band go heavy on the groove; another string to their proggy bow.

If I had a criticism, it’s that the snare drum sounds a little out of sorts; it echoes a bit in the background whilst everything else is at the fore, and is a bit flat at times. But hey.

Jagwar have just signed up with Possessive Management, so expect to see their faces around a little more in the coming months. Their next gig is on January 31st at The Ferret in Preston with Monsters As Humans and A Year Gone By.