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Jolly release two new music videos – do they live up to their name?

Jolly happiness 2

I’m going to be brutally honest here; I had never heard of Jolly before, but they’re on Inside Out Records, who have a history of utterly divine progressive metal and rock bands, so I figured I was at least in for something interesting. Their debut album, titled Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music was released in 2009, and it received praise from a few sources for its sounds. They subsequently signed a record deal with Inside Out, and toured Europe in support of progressive rock legends Riverside and then released their Inside Out debut album, The Audio Guide to Happiness (part 1). In 2013 now, Jolly have released the follow up to that, fittingly titled The Audio Guide To Happiness (part 2).

In promotion for their new album, on August 1st the band released not one, but TWO music videos in addition to one other song that was released a few months ago. Clearly the band have never heard of “staggered release”, but I won’t complain. One song is called “As Heard On Tape” and it is a slow, drifting, and sad song. It doesn’t really build into any sort of climactic moment, but it clearly isn’t meant to. In any case, I find it enjoyable enough. The video for the song is odd, consisting entirely of a man dressed in a heavy coat and tuque standing on a beach, looking upset, and waving his arms on a cold, grey day. It goes with the music pretty well, actually.

The second song is called “Firewell” and it could not be more different. It is a heavy rocking track that has a complete opposite mood from “As Heard On Tape” featuring harsh vocals, fire spitting riffs, and far more complex keyboard arrangments. There are a couple more wistful moments in the song where piano and sadder melodies take over, but other moments where the music bursts with rage, and others still that do feel a bit more hopeful and calm. I must say I really enjoy this one, consider me converted. The video is nothing special, just the band performing the song while wearing suits and sunglasses in a dark room.

After listening to the two songs it becomes a lot clearer as to why the band chose to release two very different songs at the same time, which is a rather unconventional method of promotion. What we’re presented with though are two sides of the same coin, and it’s a damn shiny one. Consider me impressed, and you should be too.

The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2) is out now via Inside Out Records

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