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Julius Seizure release a provocative video for their latest sonic assault

Julius Seizure

New Jersey has always been known for a strong hardcore scene, and over the years that area has shown no sign of slowing down. For one, Monolithic Records’ very own darlings Gyre are from that hallowed place, and consistently tear it open like a wound at any one of their impressive live shows.

Another band that have been thrashing around and building themselves a strong reputation in this area for a while now are Julius Seizure, a band that write much more serious music than their name might suggest. They’re currently preparing to release their sophomore EP, entitled Trials, and to promote that they’ve released a cracking new music video for the song “Second Coming“.

What follows is a dazzling display of hardcore groove mixed with metallic sensibilities and a hefty dose of venom from passionate and charismatic vocalist Charlie Corletta. The song itself focuses on a number of the world issues that are very present today, and while the cut up footage of war imagery and various disasters is quite formulaic by today’s standards (seriously, every band is doing this nowadays); Julius Seizure actually pick a few clips that I haven’t seen before, some that are smaller in scale, but equally provocative when it comes to demonstrating the negative attributes of the human condition.

What separates this video from all the others though are clips of the band playing their song in a variety of outdoor locations. Through this, they display their proficiency as a band and chemistry with one another. The footage is carefully blended with a grainy video style so that it doesn’t jar when it switches between video styles, which is a welcome sight.

Vocalist and frontman Corletta had this to say about the song:

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My vision for ‘Second Coming’ was to have the video coincide with the lyrics. I see a lot of injustice in the world. Modern warfare, political and corporate corruption, greed, violence and poverty. These are issues I can not ignore. There is no second coming. We must look to ourselves in order to fix ourselves, not religious or political figures. I wanted people to see the world we live in through my eyes.

The video was directed by Jonathan Robertson of P1 Digital Media. Julius Seizure will be playing an official record release show at Dingbatz in Clifton, New Jersey on August 24th.

Trials will be self-released on August 20th.

What do you guys think? Do you like this style of music? Are you tired of this style of video? Why do you think this is on the rise? Sound off in the comments!

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