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Karybdis refute the Theseus mythology in “Minotaur”

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Britain represent! We have a fresh new UK band to show you all, as further proof that the metal scenes are thriving – not that you need it anyway; it’s just an excuse for some good music. London-based melodic death metal/metalcore hybrid Karybdis have released their first video for “Minotaur” in support of last year’s From The Depths, a stunning album that shows a band at the top of their game with plenty of energy to burn, and comes highly recommended.

This energy comes across strongly in “Minotaur”, the first track from the album and an instant attention-grabber. A retelling of the classic Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, the plot instead reimagines the minotaur as a gentle creature captured by humans and thrown into the maze, at which point the ‘dazzling hero’ chases the minotaur around. Meanwhile, vocalist Rich O’Donnell re-enacts his seemingly-Ritalin-fueled hardcore-inspired performance, with frantic hand gestures and demented vocal gymnastics to match the band’s rhythmic rocking and headbanging. The song is a perfect example of the band’s offering; a cross between infectious guitar melodies and the occasional crushing breakdowns, wrapped in tight playing and a slick production from renowned producer Russ Russell.

Putting a spin on the mundane and overdone ‘performance’ videos, the band perform outside the very same labyrinth with symbolic lightning bolts in the sky while Rich bounces around the twisting walls, screaming and growling the lyrics with undeniable conviction: “You know he’s coming after you and you can hear him roar // Another step lost in the labyrinth of the Minotaur“. While other lines are a little more confusing (read here), the general sentiment appears to be much as the video suggests: a play on the role of hunter and prey in the famous tale.

From a technical perspective the video is well-executed, although the chaotic flicking between scenes is a little bewildering at first. The scenes involving the minotaur itself are of interest: as mentioned, the minotaur is painted as a gentle creature, and the viewer ends up feeling pity for the disorientated creature, wandering lost around the maze until a final chance encounter with the resplendent matador-like Theseus results in him summarily decapitated. The lighting in this last scene is eye-catching, a swampy green with fumes or smoke that perhaps intentionally echoes the image of sewers and a more modern accusation of animal hunting activities.

In short, “Minotaur” is a great video to introduce the might of a strong upcoming band. Karybdis are one to watch, considering the strength of their new material and live performance (read here about their set at Tech-Fest). Start with this track and then work through the rest of the album, available on Bandcamp.

What do you guys think? Does the song rock? Is the video well-executed, and what’s your personal interpretation of it? Sound off in the comments!

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