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Worried about kids and their weird imaginations? Not any more, thanks to KEN mode!

KEN mode Secret Vasectomy screen cap

We loved KEN mode‘s most recent album Entrench – in fact, we were enjoying it so much that we never actually got round to reviewing it…

Nevertheless, since it was released in March, it’s had a fair old run; the Canadian trio really have outdone themselves, and proven why they’re Juno Award-winning.

We saw the first video from the record – for opener “Counter Culture Complex – back in April now, so it’s nice to see they’ve not been resting on their laurels since, despite touring. Of course, they’re not actually in this new one very much, which is understandable, but still!

The track is “Secret Vasectomy“, which is something the gents might want to consider after watching the video. The kids within it are actually fairly normal, but when you take a look at what they’re drawing (probably not much different to what kids do normally draw) then you’ll wonder if all those studies into TV and video games warping their minds is on to something…

KEN mode have just announced a full European tour with Fins Unkind in tow throughout September and some of October – hitting up Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, France, the UK and Ireland. This is, of course, on top of their current U.S. tour with Inter Arma, next month’s dates with Rosetta, and some Canadian dates in October with Full Of Hell.