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Limp Bizkit are “Ready To Go” – but to where exactly?

Limp Bizkit 2

Quite a while ago now we talked about a new song released by Limp Bizkit called “Ready To Go“, featuring everyone’s favourite public figure to hate, Lil’ Wayne. After spending the weekend at UK Tech-Metal Fest just over a week ago, it has become apparent that everyone is a secret Limp Bizkit fan (though not enough to accurately remember the lyrics) – at least when it comes to certain choice songs.

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Now, they’ve finally released a new music video for the aforementioned song and it’s a pretty glitzy affair. The music video cuts between footage of Bizkit and the boys on the road, playing live shows or just fooling around in general behind the scenes. When we’re not spending time with the boys, we get to watch a couple of scantily clad women make blowjob signals and douse themselves in water. Cue lots of shots of ample cleavage and slow motion pleasure faces. Wonderful.

If you’re 12, the video might give you an erection, so there’s that.

In all seriousness though, I’ve never seen Durst sport a full beard and it just looks unnatural sitting on his stupid baby face. What’s more, the best thing about this video is that if you never thought Durst was a good rapper, wait until you see Lil’ Wayne standing next to him. The fact that Wayne is rap megastar and has all the rapping prowess of an illiterate child is kind of upsetting. Oh, and really fucking hilarious.

Musically, Durst still has a backing band made up of incredibly capable musicians who are far to good for such a band, but are just focused on having a good time. They still write those fun and chunky grooves that are worth bouncing along to, provided that you can get over Durst lyrically fellating himself front and centre stage.

What do you guys think? Do you just wish Limp Bizkit will go away? Are you a secret fan? What’s your favourite song? How does this compare to the rest of his catalogue? Sound off in the comments!

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