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Locrian break out the bubbly in their new video for “Two Moons”

Locrian TwoMoons

Remember Locrian? The band whose newest album I praised highly earlier in the summer? Well in case you don’t, their album Return To Annihilation was a masterpiece of thoughtful drone and experimental music, soaked in strange and otherworldly atmospherics. The music ranged from calm, to tense, but all coated in a fine dusting of unease at the possible end of humanity. The other day, the band debuted a music video for one of the songs from the album.

The song chosen is called “Two Moons” and it was one of my favourites from the release. It is a tranquil pool of shimmering buzzing keyboards and twinkling guitar arpeggios. Slow and relaxing, yet it maintains a slight malevolent edge to it, a feeling of complete and utter desolation and isolation. The keyboards provide a harsh element to an otherwise blissful tune, perhaps even keeping this from becoming too boring and same-y. The rallentando at the end of the song is a wonderful ending, akin to a world’s life cycle winding down and then stopping.

The video is also quite interesting. It shows nothing except strange visuals of bubbles that have an oddly pleasing effect on the mind. It goes quite well with the song, working in tandem to expand your consciousness, and planting a peaceful apathy into the depths of your mind.

Watch the video, and then go listen to the rest of the album, because it is truly one of the best of the year.

Locrian have also announced that they will be playing at the renowned Roadburn Festival in 2014 for their first ever European show. Those who can attend are highly recommended you do so, as it sounds like one of the best festivals in the world.

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