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As a long time Arsis fan, I jumped at the chance to write about their latest effort. However, not having amnesia, I remembered their last release and felt an emotion akin to a strange mixture of terror and regret well up inside of me. It turns out that I was right to have such feelings, although this song was not as bad as originally feared.

The video is an entirely different matter, unfortunately.

Their latest record, Unwelcome, was released on April 30th and was an incredible step up from their previous release Stern Looks for the Devil. It’s certainly no A Celebration of Guilt, but it’s a step in the right direction once again. This return to form is highlighted by the incredible musicianship witnessed in this song; it really feels like Arsis again. The powerful, jarring rhythms, dominated by triplets and tremolos of ridiculous speed, are very reminiscent of songs like “We Are The Nightmare“, and I am all for this notion!

The leads are just as intense and intricate as we would expect of this band, showing that they are still capable of writing the unbridled, technical masterpieces for which they are known. There is not a hint of that pseudo-hard-rock-melodeath hybrid that they attempted (I would like to highlight the word “attempted”, underline it several times and blow it up to the largest font size your computer can handle, but formatting and reader convenience prevents such an action). I would like to be the first to get down on my knees and thank Arsis for not doing that again. Thank you. By the boiling balls of Beelzebub, thank you so much.

However, while these tech-wizards have redeemed their songwriting ability, they have also shown that their sense of humour and music video making skills have not improved even slightly. This video is almost as bad as that one where they’re in the school pretending that they’re the melodic death metal Steel Panther. I blocked this from my memory (which, may I add, took the use of a hammer and several large nails). It’s not quite as bad…but very close. The name of the song doesn’t tell us much about what happens in the video, however it does indicate the level of maturity and the thought process that has gone into it. In other words, none. Here is “Scornstar“.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment, and allow you to pick your jaws up from the floor. I am not entirely sure where to start with this, but i suppose i’ll begin with something like this.
Firstly, since when was James Malone fired and replaced with Quentin Tarentino? And if QT is now in the band, why didn’t he have any say in making this video? On another note, why doesn’t QT make some metal videos? That would be quite interesting…but let’s push that thought aside for now.

What in the glory of all loving fuck stains was that? The humour in this video ranges between “wow, that’s embarrassing” to downright cringe-worthy. All that was missing was that fuckwit with the briefcase from The Inbetweeners. The news report is irredeemable. The random explosion of internal organs, paired with the poor performance of the fans in the crowd, made me pause the video and consider several methods of suicide…before realising that that’s exactly what I was doing when watching this video. What was the deal with the tit spraying? Why was that even there?

It feels like this video was directed by Seth MacFarlane when he was 7 years old and had just finished watching The Evil Dead. I’m not even sure what to think about the statement made by the last man standing at the conclusion of what I loathe to call this “music video”. I understand it’s all in good fun, but come on, did someone not watch this and think “hey, we’re fully grown men…do we really find this funny?”. Don’t get me wrong; I adore me some funny music videos, but there is a difference between childish humour (which can be hilarious) and this perverse display of toilet humour. HAHAHA I GET IT, THE MUSIC IS SO HEAVY THAT YOU EXPLODE, HAHAHAHA.

I feel my views on this matter can be summed up, ironically, by a quote from an Adam Sandler film, of all things.

Now, thankfully, the music has redeemed their previous excrement by a long shot and I am incredibly thankful for this. I am also thankful that all I need to do is rinse out my eyes with sulphuric acid, rather than having to perform this unenvious task immediately after removing the 5-foot drills from my ears. I suppose that is a victory. Thank you, Arsis…I think.