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Brand new Mamiffer track is haunting and beautiful

Mamiffer - Caelestis Partus video screengrab

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard from Mamiffer, the collaboration between married duo Faith Coloccia and ISIS/Old Man Gloom‘s Aaron Turner, so to see a new video pop up yesterday was a welcome surprise.

The track’s called “Caelestis Partus“, and looks/sounds like this:

Caelestis Partus” translates from Latin as “celestial delivery”, and it is just that: heavenly. It’s sparse and gentle, with Faith’s almost choral vocals soaring over a lonely, delayed guitar, which itself sits on some fairly low-key atmospherics. It’s quite reminiscent of Shelter, Alcest‘s beautiful record from earlier this year; it’s quite warm, tonally, but this track takes its time, building up to not very much, but it’s a pleasant ride nonetheless.

The video fits perfectly. Directed by Daniel Menche, it’s like a walk through a misty dream

The album from which it’s taken will be called Statu Nascendi (also Latin – “nascent state”), and is the duo’s third album (not counting collaborations, splits and EPs with the likes of House Of Low Culture, Merzbow, Locrian and Circle), so its promise is…well, promising.

Statu Nascendi will be released through Sige on November 5th – just a few days before Turner’s Old Man Gloom releases The Ape Of God. Busy week! Pre-orders will reportedly go live in a couple of weeks.

Mamiffer don’t appear to have any forthcoming live dates, and it seems apart from a couple of isolated shows this year, they haven’t toured properly since last year, so hopefully some of us might get to see them soon.