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Praise be to prog! Mandroid Echostar have a new video for “The Sleeper”!

Mandroid Echostar The Sleeper video cap

Okay okay okay, last time for the time being, I promise. I know I said in the Ten Best Independent Releases Of 2013 article that I don’t have much more to add about Canadian prog dudes Mandroid Echostar, having reviewed their new mini-album Citadels AND picked said mini-album as one of my favourite releases of the year overall – both very recently – but god damn, they’ve only gone done put out a music video as well.


The video is for the track “The Sleeper,” which is a marvelous little gem of a track, because it’s so deceptively simple. The first couple of bars sound fairly derivative; but the introduction of a fast-tapping overlay gives it depth and sense, and shortly after we’re straight back into the sweeping prog the band are so good at. It’s a nice little diversion to add some heaviness into the mix, and indicative of the band’s dynamism.

It’s just one of seven fantastic songs, and you’d do very well to pick up Citadels post-haste, which you can do from bandcamp here.

Anyway, here’s the vid:

The video was funded in part by the band’s spring Indiegogo campaign, which yielded the aforementioned release, but the funds from which were also earmarked for some promotional stuff, which will no doubt serve them well over the course of their forthcoming Canadian tour with Skynet, which starts next! Dates and places for that below:

Mandroid Echostar Skynet tour poster Chris