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Mandroid Echostar post new live video for track from Citadels

Mandroid Echostar To The Wolves video

Everyone’s favourite Canadian prog up-and-comers Mandroid Echostar are determined not to let you forget about them. They released on of the most exciting mini album/EPs of last year in Citadels (I liked it. A lot.) and so in order to keep the momentum going, they’ve released a new live video for the track “To The Wolves

To The Wolves” was actually the first song we heard from the record, when it was given a lyric video, and since then we’ve also seen “The Sleeper” so it’s nice that they’re switching things up – although it perhaps would have been nice to see one of the other tracks given a run-out, although we can certainly understand not wanting to ruin the whole thing for everyone (even though it is all up on Bandcamp!)

Nevertheless, it’s a good opportunity to flex their creative muscles once again, and also sell their live show, which they’ve been working very hard across Canada since Citadels was released, and of course way before that. The video itself was shot at their hometown album release show (that’s Guelph, Ontario for you fact fans) last year, and looks a little something like this:

Looks like it was a lot of fun!

We don’t believe the band have any current touring plans (announced, anyway) but we’d love for them to get picked up for one of the spring’s big tours and really get to show more people what they can do. Even better, getting them over to the European side of the pond some day, as I would be all over their asses.

You can pick up Citadels, as well as both the vocal and instrumental versions of their self-titled EP over at Bandcamp for the princely sums of not-very-much-at-all, which is very worth it.