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Megadeth provide one of the most inappropriate music videos of all time

Megadeth - Super Collider

Judging from that title you guys must be expecting something pretty big right? No, it’s not a heinously gory or offensive video. It’s not even as retarded or sexist as Atilla‘s recent attempt at a controversial lyric video, which was just a lapdance while the words “PUNCH THAT BITCH” popped up next to the beautiful woman in question. So Quigs, what is so bad about this video? Well, let me tell you.

Aside from the fact that Megadeth‘s new album is the worst thing they’ve ever done; Mustaine’s cheese has really slid off his cracker as of late. While he’s an old school legendary frontman (and as such, is afforded certain liberties), it seems that he cannot open his mouth without causing some kind of controversy, likely because he’s really fucking stupid. With his new album, Mustaine has delivered one of the weakest, most limp wristed attempts at thrash metal that I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing.

Super Collider” is of course about the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and coming from a born again Christian who doesn’t even understand how many atoms are in a water molecule, you can imagine that a song about one of the greatest and most complex machines we’ve ever built is largely ridiculous. Here’s Dave showing a fundamental lack of understanding:

“I love the concept, I love the artwork that we have for this record — it’s the Hadron Collider, and that is a remarkable machine. And if you look at the Super Collider, the thing itself — whether it does a damn bit of good or not, nobody really knows; I don’t know how it’s gonna correlate to lowering gas prices or anything like that, or getting people to stop trying to run everybody’s lives right now and the dumbing down of America… But it’s really cool if you look at how big it is. A lot of pictures on the ‘Net will show this enormous machinery and guys the size of ants next to it. And the one picture that we used for our cover was, like I said, the Hadron Collider and it’s just beautiful stuff, man. Science is really interesting. I mean, I don’t believe in evolution, I believe in creation, so science only goes so far with me, but I really dig looking at that whole way that’s set up with the tubing and the piping and the reactors and all the stuff that goes along with it. You have to see it for yourself.”

I’m not even touching that.

Anyway, the title track of the album now has a music video for it that actually has nothing to do with any of that. The music video instead focuses on a stereotypical high school unrequited love situation, except in the present at a high school reunion. But don’t worry guys the super nerdy kid gets the really hot girl at the end and then they run out to the field and watch…a rocket go off? Naturally.

Now of course, we could pretend that this actually has a very deep meaning, just like one person on Youtube is trying to convince himself:

People listen to the song and watch the video and dont seem to understand it. Super Collider is about hope. It is about finding the things, the clues in life that lead you to happiness, and the most important thing about that aspect, is that it can be found in the most subtle and unexpected ways. In this video, he meets her, and all of a sudden, it all makes sense. She is absent and there is obscurity, its not about love, its about finding the meaning or the motivation needed to fulfill destiny.

Sorry random Megadeth apologist, creating a song that sounds like it fell off the soundtrack of a softcore 90′s porn movie is hardly the thing to inspire hope in your fellow human being; let alone creating a vacuous and expensive video to accompany it. Let’s be honest here, Mustaine wouldn’t know what depth was if he fell down the Grand Canyon. Pish posh.

What do you guys think? Do you like this song? Is the video good? Is Quigs too harsh? Sound off in the comments!

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