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Ministry wage a “Permawar” on listener’s ears with their new terrible song

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After listening to the new song from Ministry‘s impending final album, it’s crazy to think that at one point in the past Al Jourgensen and company actually pioneered the industrial metal genre. Renowned for laying the foundations, it seems fitting that the band have chosen to end it all right now, as their new song “Permawar” feels like they’ve gone to lay down in the very foundations that they helped create all those years ago.

The temptation to simply turn off my computer and calmly walk away first hit at around the 30 second mark of the new single and music video. Considering that I recently made it through the Device music video relatively unscathed, this is clearly a resounding endorsement. For those of you who may have had doubts about whether the band should finally lay Ministry to rest this is the musical confirmation brought to life – yes they should, and they probably should have done that before releasing this.

It’s a song that makes me feel like I’ve been thrown into The Doctor’s TARDIS (time machine for all you non-Doctor Who fans!), except instead of going on an incredible adventure through time and space I’ve been thrown back to the 90′s at a Rob Zombie concert, except it sounds worse because there’s zero energy in the song, and Rob Zombie has been replaced by a man with throat cancer. Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on with Jourgensen’s vocals in this song, but if he wasn’t a popular musician his performance would be deemed completely unacceptable (much like the latest efforts from Dave Mustaine).

The video is a mish mash of real world footage featuring images of war and other nasty human acts, viewed through a trippy psychedelic malaise. Probably the most disconcerting aspect of the whole video though is having to stare at a close-up of Jourgensen’s face for the majority of it. He has not aged well at all, and a lot of his overzealous piercings just look ridiculous.

On page 48 of his recently released book, Ministry: The Last Gospels According To Al Jourgensen he mentions that he used to suck the dicks of his band members from an early band he was in, and that sucking dick was a perfectly natural thing. This is the musical equivalent – except getting a dick lodged in your throat, is better than getting this stuck in your ears.

From Beer To Eternity comes out on September 6th via 13th Planet Records.

What do you guys think? Is Quigs’ assessment too harsh? Do you like the song? Are you looking forward to Ministry’s last album? Sound off in the comments!

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