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Murdock: “If you’re not bleeding or exhausted, what’s the point?”

Murdock 2013

With The Chariot having broken up earlier this year, and a new The Dillinger Escape Plan album a good two or three years away, you might be forgiven for crying into your bowls of broken glass and razor blades, but fear not, for British label Destroy Everything have just the tonic for your tears in the form of new signing Murdock.

The Irish noiseurchins evoke the very best of both of these hardcore genre stalwarts: vocalist/guitarist Adian Cunningham is a vocal dead ringer for the former’s iconic frontman Josh Scogin, whilst their musical sensibilities push past even the Georgians’ and right into the spastic, nigh-impossible-to-count-time-signature territory of the latter – which is impressive to say the least. An interview with Cunningham I read a while ago threw up this topical quote on the way they write:

“When we write songs, we write them beyond our abilities and then make ourselves be able to play them. We have no one else to hide behind, no filler, no time to fucking breathe. On guitar I feel like I am doing the work of two guitarists and then vocals on top, all while jumping around the place and falling into things. It makes me give every last bit of myself to a performance. After every single show we have ever played at least one person has come up and said to us “I was not expecting that from a three piece.”

I’m extra specially pleased because I mentioned the band back in April in our Iron Introductions series and got a little bit too excited about the song they were touting then, “Brain Face,” and to hear more from them. Now I have, and you can too, because to accompany the label news is a new song called “The Signal In The Noise,” complete with video:

It’s a fair whack longer than “Brain Face” – more than twice as, in fact – but whereas that track was a perfect and succinct slice of what the band can do, ”The Signal In The Noise” allows them to expand their lungs somewhat and really show what they can do. There’s a mid-section in the proceedings that is just unabashed off-kilter showoffery, and it’s fucking glorious. Did I mention they sound bloody massive too?

Something that came up at the end of the former video is a brief title card with the words DEAD LUNG, which was fairly obviously the proposed title for the band’s forthcoming record. Whether that’s still the case now the group have signed to DE is unconfirmed, but if it is then you heard it here first.