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Nolentia release a bizarre new music video to promote their off the wall approach to grindcore


2013 has been a surprisingly good year for French metal, considering that we haven’t heard hide nor hair of any new music from leaders of the scene, Gojira. Of course, the groove metal behemoths are not the only band in France, just the most well known, so it becomes our job to shed a light on what else is available out there.

Nolentia are a grindcore band that released their new album earlier this year via Kaotoxin Records, titled May The Hand That Holds The Match That Will Set This World On Fire Be Blessed Above All.

Aside from being a gift to writers who need to artificially extend their word count, May The Hand… is a treat for the grindcore fan that is constantly seeking new forms of aural brutality. To entice more people towards their music the band have released a video for the track “More To Fear“, and in keeping with the grind tradition it is both short and powerful.

Reportedly “More To Fear” is the first in a three part series of videos planned by the band, that once completed will be compiled into a single cinematic rendition. It’s an interesting concept for a grindcore band, as the genre often prioritizes simplicity through a staunch DIY ethic. “More To Fear” features blasting drums, surprisingly melodic riffage and a ferocious onslaught from two very different styles of vocals, courtesy of the band’s two vocal producing members.

On first glance of the video, you would be forgiven for thinking this was yet another forgettable inclusion to the genre of “controversial news reel footage assembled in a relatively meaningful way to convey the same old message that humans are capable of doing really bad things”, and while it certainly does all of that, the band have injected their own ridiculous sense of humour, creating a very peculiar example of the genre, that almost feels like a parody of its very format.

However, if you watch the video closely, it will become clear to you. While your eyes are being assailed by the various cruel acts of humanity that have been assembled before you, you’ll also notice the three band members are in the background of a lot of the footage, often dancing or pulling ridiculous faces, as if making a mockery of proceedings.

It’s a bizarre addition and one that certainly jars with the raw material, both in sonic and visual form, that we are presented with; and yet, it’s all part of what makes Nolentia an extremely off the wall outfit. It’ll be interesting to see how the other videos unfold and whether there is an overarching narrative that’ll become more apparent later.

Be sure to check out the full album of May The Hand… if you haven’t already via their Bandcamp.

What do you guys think? Is this a poor example of grind? Is this all a little too weird for your liking? Are you a fan of the album? Sound off in the comments!

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