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New era of Northlane begins with “Rot”

Marcus Bridge Northlane Rot

It’s never easy to replace a band member, but hardest of all is usually the vocalist. Myriad bands have struggled with finding the right replacement up front – especially when they’re a founding member, and the only voice fans have ever known – and this was the problem facing Aussie metalcore act Northlane in September when Adrian Fitipaldes left after five years with the band, citing health problems. Fair enough.

Northlane are one of those groups I always meant to check out but never got around to, so I’m not really speaking from a position of authority here, but with yesterday’s announcement – and more importantly, new single “Rot” – regarding the band’s new member, it seems like they’ve got it spot on. Have a listen:

“We are proud to welcome Marcus Bridge to the Northlane family as our new vocalist. Marcus gave an outstanding audition video and as we spent time with him we found that he was truly the best person for the job. “

Marcus has great versatility, that’s for sure. His singing herkens to the likes of Periphery‘s Spencer Sotelo, whilst the throat-shredding screams are akin to Architects‘ Sam Carter. Not bad comparisons to have made, I’m sure you’ll agree. The band have said “Rot” is one of the heaviest things they’ve ever done, but I’m totally on board; more please!

Northlane discuss the whole vocalist affair in more detail in the following video. It was obviously quite difficult to part ways with Adrian, but it’s great they’ve found someone they’re so excited about.

Rot” is a standalone single for now, but the band are recording their third full-length with a mind to releasing mid-2015. Keep your ears out.