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Ambitious video for All Is One’s title track premiered online

OrphanedLand-AiO screenshot

We’ve mentioned Israeli progressive/symphonic metal band Orphaned Land a fair amount of late. They incorporate many musical themes from the cultures in which they live, and generally focus on those same ideas in the lyrics. In June, they released upon the world their fifth full length album, titled All Is One, which is definitely one of the top albums of the year so far (check out the review here).

On Tuesday, the music video for the album’s opening song, the anthemic title track, was released, which is one of the better songs on the album.

The song is a wonderful array of grand orchestral and choral arrangements and some lovely soft guitars and Eastern instruments. The video is also quite ambitious, you can view a screenshot at the top of this post, featuring the band, signer Kobi Farhi as a king surrounded by women in varying garbs from the various cultures that the song represents, a palace of some sort, and other strange cosmic visual. There are belly dancers as well, and a guy who might be some sort of wise man or shamanic figure.

The entire thing is shot with really nice, muted lighting and tone. It seems a little overwhelming, but I like it. The message of the song is carried in the video, bringing across themes of unity between peoples of the Abrahamic faiths, Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim. Each one has hallmarks of their culture appear more than a few times. A fittingly dramatic video for a gigantic subject matter.

Watch the video yourself, and be in awe of the music and visual themes.

All Is One is out now on Century Media Records. Orphaned Land are playing a show in Tel-Aviv tomorrow, which prefaces and August of festival appearances, before they tour pretty much all of Europe for over two months from September – November, headlining with KloneBilocate and The Mars Chronicles in tow.

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